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Shiana Wellness

Persian Saffron

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The saffron flower produces just 3 stigmas which can only be picked by hand in the few hours after dawn once the flower has blossomed, making it the most expensive spice in the world. The ancient Persians used saffron in dyes, perfumes, medicines and ritual offerings.

Saffron is one of the world's most costly spices.  Iran covers about 90% of the world's 250 tons of saffron production annually.

Shiana Wellness Premium Saffron is ethically sourced from a small ancient  family farm who grows saffron in Khorassan, which is located in the North East of Iran, where the softly sloping terrain that directly faces the sun, is perfect for growing the delicate saffron flowers.  The organic cultivation of saffron is deeply rooted in this region. To this date the crocus bulbs, unique to each farm, are passed down from one generation to another.

– Premium Persian Saffron.
– Each pack contains 150 saffron flowers cultivated to produce 1 gram.
– Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and a gluten free diet.