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Shiana Wellness

Euphoria Facial Cream

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A deep penetrating facial moisturiser, ideal for those who have a normal to oily skin type and want brighter smoother skin. This has been specially made to fade and reduce blemishes which could be caused by scarring, dark spots, blemishes and waxing.

Applied as a daily moisturiser it can quench your skin and even out your skin tone with regular use.

Comes in a recycled 75 ml PET Pot - made to order to ensure freshness and quality.

Handmade, All Natural, Non Toxic, Vegan & Cruelty Free!

Ingredients: Shea butter, Neem oil, Avocado oil , Essential oils;(Peppermint, tea tree, geranium Rose, Lavandar, Rosemary,Lemon, Frankincense)

Directions: Use at least twice a day to see results. After washing your face with cleanser using cool water, towel dry your skin, take a pea size and rub it in between your palms to melt the solid cream, then massage onto your face and neck. Leave on your skin to fully absorb.