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Heart Desire Herbal Tea

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Our borage petals comes from northern part of Iran and has been used since ancient times for different remedies and was even added to wine in the medieval times for enhancing courage. Persians steep the dried purple flowers of this herb in hot boiling water with one or two dried limes (Limoo Amani) for relaxation and stress relief.  You can replace the dried lime with fresh lime juice to enhance this teas colour and it can be sweetened with rock candy (nabat), agave or honey.  The result has a gorgeous red colour and is really quite palatable. Both the colour and the intense lime flavour are the result of lengthy steeping time and short cuts ruin the colour and flavour. 


Caffeine free and rich in vitamin C - Heart desire is a powerful tranquilliser herbal remedy. It calms you down and makes you feel soothed. It has an anti-depressant effect and makes you cheerful and energetic. The herbal tea recipe with honey helps you breathe well and prevents the shortness of breath. It has direct positive effect on mental disorders. It controls the seasonal allergies. It reduces the pain of gallbladder and kidney stone. When taken with lime, but without a sweetener, it can help lower blood pressure.  At the very least we know a good cuppa makes for a better mood.  For the full benefits, we suggest having a cups before going to bed!


Echium endemic (Borage Flower ), Lavender, Jasminum officinale, Camomile & Cymbopogon. 



Heat water to 80°C. Place 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup (and add 1 for the pot) into the teapot, pour in the water and steep for 3-4 minutes (for a more intense flavour, add a bit more tea).

Weight: 50 gram per bag