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Shiana Wellness

Coffee Cleanse

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This exfoliating face wash will wake you up while invigorating, moisturising and exfoliating your skin, you will be greeted with the warm caffeinated scent of fresh ground coffee which will make you feel like you just stepped in your favourite coffee shop.

This coffee wash not only cleanses the face of dirt, dead skin cells it also helps renew the skins surface. Your skin is more radiant after just one wash. Coffee is known to help with inflammation and dark spots due to being high in antioxidants which can effectively slow down cell damage and reduce dark circles if used regularly. 

Directions: Use at least twice a day to see results. Take a small amount rub in between your palms to foam then massage onto your face and neck, leave on for at least 2 mins before washing off with cool water.

Ingredients: Aqua, Coco Glucoside, Coco Bentaine, Camellia, Coffee, Glycerine, Eco Preservative, Shea oil, Coconut oil,  Guava leaves

All our products are vegetable and plant derived ingredients. Vegan, cruelty free and free from Palm oil (excluding our honey range)


Comes in a recycled 60ml PET bottle - made to order to ensure freshness and quality.

Handmade, All Natural, Non Toxic, Vegan & Cruelty Free!