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Shiana Wellness

Anahita - Sea Moss Infused Wellbeing Oil Blend

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‘Anahita’ is Persian Goddess of Love!

Mixed With 🌸Flowers 🌸 Essential Oils & 🌿Herbs🌿 Handmade with Love & Positive Intentions

This naturally nourishing body oil harnesses the potency of aromatherapy with our unique Restorative Signature Blend. The uplifting scent is infused with Jasmine, Bergamot, Rose Geranium, Lavender  and Sweet Orange, a botanical blend that works to inspire love and positivity. This relaxing formula scents the skin deliciously, while the oil softens the surface, leaving it smooth and silky.

Great For Nourishing and Revitalising Skin

100% Organic



Add to your bubble bath for a taste of luxury, or massage straight into the skin and transform into your softest self.


  • Supports healthy glowing skin
  • Helps enhance radiance
  • Quench free radicals
  • Balance pro-irritant mediators.



Essential oils blend of Macadamia, Almond  Ginger, Marula, Benzoin, Neroli, Coconut, Cedarwood Atlas, Rose Hip, Cacay, Sweet Orange, Ylang ylang, Jojoba, amber, baobab, Pataua, brazil nut, Inca inchi, Rosehip and Borage.