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Shiana Wellness

African Waist Beads

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Our African beads jewellery are all handmade by a small group pf women corporative in Ghana with positive intentions to promote all of these purposes. Each bead has different meanings and causes, depending on the colour, shape and the charm that it accompanies. 

Waist beads can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times and were then known as “girdle.” Waist beads are single or multiple strands of beads made from various kinds of glass, metal, crystal, bone and wooden beads that are worn around the waist and stomach. 

In Ghana women wear waist beads as a symbolic adornment that can serve as a sign of wealth, femininity, and aristocracy as well as spiritual well-being. 

They are the perfect tool for one’s healing and spiritual journey as they encourage self-love, confidence, and beauty within a woman. African waist beads are worn beautifully by women of all colour, shapes, sizes, and ages. 

Ghanian women believe the placement of beads can also shape the waist. The practice of wearing multiple strands over time can help keep the waist small and accentuate one’s natural curves. It is believed that the beads possess the power to attract as well as evoke deep emotional responses. Traditional waist beads are meant to be worn until they break or fall off.