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Shiana Wellness

African Black Soap

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will leave your skin feeling clean and feeling smooth . Made from 100% natural ingredients, this soap will leave your skin looking brighter and healthier than ever before. Give it a try!


Take your bar in your hands, add a little water to make a nice lather, wash your skin and rinse thoroughly, towel dry your skin and apply one of our shea therapy  facial creams to quench your skin for an all day glow. 

How to use:

Not only it can you use it on your face as part of your daily facial cleanser, but it makes an excellent body wash as well as beautiful shaving balm. 


African Black soap has been used for centuries to treat eczema, acne, oily skin and other skin ailments. 

Ingredient :

Cocoa pod potash, palm ash, tamarind extract , guava leaves, plantain peel, coconut oil, shea oil and water

Weight: 150 gram per bar