Our Story

In 2019, I decided to take a leap of faith from my job in public health & social care services, picked up my blender, and pursued curiosity. I started this business from my kitchen in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic with nothing but a dream, and desire to help people take back control, stay healthy via natural wellness. 

Today, our three generation team consists of myself (Anna), my mother (Shiva) who looks after the management side of our business and my daughter (Parisa), who we have nick-named Moss Boss. Parisa brings the fun and helps with cute Instagram stories! Our focus is to provide you with natural and toxin free products that promote overall wellbeing.

We advocate wellbeing and empower you with natural solutions to implement healthy self-care routines and be mindful of your wellness in every aspect of your life, so you can be, feel and perform at your best.

After suffering a collapse at work, I was told that I had a brain tumour and soon after I started getting multiple seizures and ended up spending two months in the hospital. I spent another year unable to walk , or do the basics for myself and became totally dependent to others for my basic care. After hundreds of tests and seeing multiple consultants in the best hospitals of London, I was told that I was suffering from FND as well as Endometriosis, PCOS three conditions that there is no proper cure for and it can be extremely difficult to treat.

I was broken and my body was stressed. I felt I had no control with what was happening in my body. For years I’d struggle to manage my weight, and suffered from mood swings, fatigue and a lot of unexplainable pains. And despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find a treatment that offered a solution to all of my ongoing health concerns. 

Going the modern medicine route offered me nothing more than a variety of pills that did not help. I wanted to take back control and discover a natural and holistic solution that did not involve pumping my body with more toxins and poison or depriving myself from food with fad diets.

A year after my collapse, and a ton of time spent researching the ancient remedies from my heritage, I’ve made a full range of natural and homemade therapeutic solutions that have helped me feel better, just as it had done for many of my ancestors to live a healthier and fuller life for over centuries. 

Thanks to these remedies and rituals, I am building my strength day by day, and have transformed from a very ill and dependent person who could not walk or talk, to a savvy health conscious entrepreneur, who advocates wellness and empowers others to live their best life.

After speaking  with hundreds of our customers, who are a true testimony to the powerful goodness of our products, I realised that their number one desire is to feel good in their body and mind. That’s when my mum, Shiva, and I started Shiana Wellness filled with targeted health and wellness treats to let you pause and focus on your self-care, and...all while saving you time and money.

We are growing fast and diversifying our business to empower you with natural solutions to live your best life and function at your best.