Vitamin Sea Moss - Nature’s Multi-Vitamin:

Vitamin Sea Moss - Nature’s Multi-Vitamin:

Sea Moss is ‘Nature’s Multi-Vitamin’ superfood, it is a powerhouse full of goodness. It contains a multitude of vitamins which are very essential to our human body such as:

Vitamin A: Fantastic for eyesight health. It also aids in strengthening the immune system to work properly.

B Vitamins (B1 & B12): Helps regulate the body’s metabolism; healthy maintenance of the nervous system, brain, muscles, digestive and heart health. Great for blood, and skin health.  

Vitamin C: Supports the body's immune system, and cells. It also maintains healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. Vitamin C, aids Iron absorption.

Vitamin D: Supports good bone, teeth and muscle health.

Vitamin E: Maintains healthy skin and eye health. It also supports the body's natural defences against illnesses and infections

Vitamin K: Supports healthy blood and wound healing.

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