Tea Therapy

Persian damnoosh or commonly known herbal teas are absolutely tranquillising and consist of different parts of the herbs including root, leaf, stem, flower or the seeds.

Each blend offers a unique brewed drink with vibrant colours, heavenly aroma and numerous health benefits.

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Shea Therapy

We sources our raw shea butter from women’s co-operatives in northern Ghana practicing a fair-trade, zero-exploitation policy because economic inclusion is our ultimate goal. 

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About Our Brand

Shiana Wellness is a U.K based business, aiming to help you achieve complete natural & holistic well-being. We offer natural wellness products to help nourish your body, mind and soul. Our products are ethically sourced, made with love, care and healing intentions.

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Daily Coffee Cleanse

This exfoliating facial wash, will wake you up while invigorating, moisturising and exfoliating your skin. Coffee is known to help with inflammation and dark spots due to being high in antioxidants which can effectively slow down cell damage and reduce dark circles if used regularly.

  • Grounding Rose Bath Salt

    An indulgent blend of multiple healing mineral rich-salts, essential oils and fragrant botanicals petals designed to aid relaxation and detox.

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  • Soothing Oath Bath Salt

    A powerful soak for joint pain or arthritis, helping to combat sluggish circulation, swelling and cellulite. Leaves skin soft and thoroughly cleansed. 

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  • Dreamy Neemy

    A simple yet powerful blend of Neem and Oat which can be added to your bath. This blend is great for soothing various skin conditions.

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